Monthly Archives: March 2012

True/False Friday: If you build your video, they will come.


We don’t expect you to be surprised that this is another false assertion on our true/false Friday feature. And yet there’s a danger that organizations build up a huge amount of enthusiasm and momentum to make a fantastic video, then watch the video, sigh in contentment at how well it articulates their point–and hardly use it […]

Tip Tuesday: Check out addictomatic!


Occasionally, we come across useful tools that we like to share. Here’s one – Addictomatic.  Their front page usually seems to imply they’re all about celebrities, but like many automated functions Addictomatic can be used to pursue the serious just as seriously as the ridiculous. We like to check in occasionally to see […]

True/False Friday: You’re not ready for video.


False.  Of course it’s possible that your organization is really not ready to create a video, but we at MiniMatters have found that it’s a common error to believe that organizations need an extensive presence on social media before trying video. Video has to be a tool instead of an endpoint–you need to draw attention […]