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May 2012

Tip Tuesday: For personalized searching of the Web, compare Trapit to Google Alerts and see the power of the visual.

Trapit is a great tool for personalized searching that produces visually appealing results. While Google Alerts can be a powerful tool for anything you need to watch like a hawk—like anything that names your organization itself—its approach is rather everything-and-the-kitchen-sink, and it seems to capture many things that are irrelevant or duplicate. […]

True/False Friday: In innovative online video, Americans always do the cool stuff first.

False! Innovation in online video can come from a lot of places. We at MiniMatters are very impressed with what BeLonG To Youth Services, in Dublin, Ireland, has done in this fundraising video:

 True/False Friday: In innovative online video, Americans always do the cool stuff first. %page

Tip Tuesday: Consider video when you have a big organizational change to introduce.

When the National Petroleum and Refiners Association determined they should become American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, they brought MiniMatters in to create a video that would lay out the change for their 200+ member companies.

The video gave a confident and complete presentation of the association’s plan for making the transition to […]

True/False Friday: That special organization event you’ve been planning for will be over all too quickly.

You put so much energy into planning important events that sometimes it seems they go by in a blur. But the truth is, your special organization event doesn’t have to be over so fast. Our client the National Capital Gift Planning Council has a fantastic idea to use the video we produced for them to […]

Tip Tuesday: A new Web site is a great time to build your video strategy.

Video has a lot of uses, but virtually every organization that uses online video posts it to their own Web site. While adding video is a great way to spruce up and contemporize just about any Web site, when an organization initiates a Web site update and new video strategy at the same time, it […]

True/False Friday: The photo looks great! It’ll be great in our video!

Unfortunately, this one is often false. A photo can have great composition and color, but when you look at it on your computer screen you really can’t tell if it’s a sufficiently high resolution to work in your video production. Digital photos taken with older digital cameras often have […]