Monthly Archives: June 2012

True/False Friday: The latest technology can be a means of preserving the vulnerable past.



If you’re surprised to contemplate that a suite of technology could be the means of preserving an indigenous culture, check out this video about the partnership between the Surui people and Google Earth, Trading Bows and Arrows for Laptops:

The Surui Cultural Map is a remarkable partnership. The video and the project […]

Tip Tuesday: We love YouTube interactive transcripts and you will too.


It’s a little extra work to upload an interactive transcript of your video to YouTube—and a lot of extra benefit, particularly when it comes to being found by search engines. Here’s a video we made for security clearance lawyer Eric Eisen with an interactive transcript. To see how it works, you […]

Tip Tuesday: If you’re ready for video, consider what that means for your logo.


Note: This post by MiniMatters originally appeared on FrogLoop on June 12, 2012 and is condensed and re-posted here. 

Your logo is the heart of your marketing efforts. Most organizations invest a good deal in making this central design piece as near to perfect as possible. One of the great […]