Monthly Archives: August 2012

True/False Friday: YouTube is the most interesting thing about the Republican National Convention.


Okay, we know the centrality of YouTube in the publicity for the Republican National Convention (RNC) isn’t the most interesting thing for everybody, and that Clint Eastwood’s bizarre performance has more people talking right now—but for us it might prove true that the centrality of YouTube is the most memorable thing.

The RNC partnered with Google […]

True/False Friday: YouTube will no longer have a presence on iPhones.



There has been a bit of buzz around the recent news that the new iPhone Operating System (iOS6) expected to launch in September won’t have a YouTube app included. The original license agreement between Google, which owns YouTube, and Apple is settled, and many are wondering why the move was made, since a YouTube app […]

Tip Tuesday: Vodio is an interesting tool.


It’s not exactly news that the World Wide Web can be overwhelming. The Web’s greatest strength—how big and varied it is—can also be its biggest weakness: how do you find what you’ll enjoy the most?

A host of services help you sort through the written material that dominates the Web. And now iPhone users can use […]

True/False Friday: You can’t judge a book by its cover.



But we highly recommend judging a book (or as in this case, two books) by its terrific video:

A cover is just a small piece of a book. A video lets prospective buyers see a good deal more. Willamarie Moore‘s books have rich illustrations, and video allows […]

Tip Tuesday: YouTube Insight is easy to use, free, and very very useful.


As video producers and marketers, we get very interested in video statistics. Nielsen statistics, for example showed that over 163 million viewers watched over 26 billion videos online in a single month, May. That same month, comScore reported that the […]