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September 2012

YouTube annotations can be interesting and dynamic

YouTube annotations can be interesting and dynamic

YouTube annotations let you layer clickable text, hotspots, and links over your video. While “annotations” sound like some sort of academic interruption, they’re actually a truly dynamic tool. If your mission includes any kind of hands-on education, this one, which invites you to hear different chords played on the guitar, […]

True/False Friday: The social video is still evolving.


There has been a lot of talk lately about social video—video that spreads by sharing and word of mouth. Some call it luck and others call it a science, but when executed properly, social videos go viral, garnering massive awareness in record time. But how about a socially-produced social video? La […]

Tip Tuesday: Live streaming is pretty accessible now.

Live streaming is just what it sounds like—users transmit their media live, so that people can view it as it’s happening. It’s the closest thing to a live television broadcast on the Web. The possibilities are near-endless (from fundraisers to award ceremonies to live event coverage to breaking news, and so forth) and can lead […]

True/False Friday: There’s no limit to how Associations can use a short video clip.


Just ask Stephen Carey, PhD, CAE, and President of Association Management and Marketing Resources (AMMR):

Stephen, the first trade association and professional society consultant to be appointed to the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and author of numerous articles about association management and […]

Tip Tuesday: Bumper videos are a great innovation based on a traditional broadcasting technique.

An old broadcasting term, “bumper,” is getting new life in online video. Traditionally a bumper was a brief announcement that preceded an advertisement break and then followed it. It would remind you what show or network you were watching after those words from our sponsors. A little parting message before you run to the kitchen for […]