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February 2013

Animation in Videos–A Little Goes a Long Way

Using animation in videos has become popular as video animation software and templates have become more accessible and powerful. But complex animation will run you a lot of money in production costs or your own time, and for many organizations and businesses, that’s just not an option.  At the same time, video gets a lot […]

Best Documentary Oscars: Let Them Stimulate Your Ideas for Video

The Best Documentary Oscars, which the Academy will award on Sunday the 24th with the others, offer a chance to reflect on telling important stories through film and video, and the innumerable ways of telling stories.

Many of us are familiar with the Best Picture nominees, and the ways that dramatization of historical events (Lincoln, Argo, […]

Video SEO Services—Optimize your website with video

Video SEO Services are a potentially critical add-on to creating videos for your company or organization.  In this post, we’ll focus on two ways that video SEO services can make a big difference in the results you obtain from your videos, by:

  1. Optimizing your website for search engines
  2. Drawing viewers to your videos on other platforms such […]