Monthly Archives: March 2013

YouTube New Design Options


Here’s YouTube’s own video presenting the YouTube new design, dubbed the YouTube One Channel design.

YouTube new design features

Here’s a quick rundown of some key new features:

Trailer Video.  The YouTube new design has a space for a trailer video

Call-to-Action—The Power of Video


Call-to-Action–The Power of Video’s doing a lot of things right, starting with their excellent video to promote teaching computer coding to kids, and including placement of the video alongside some compelling calls-to-action. They use the power of video to get their audiences to follow the call-to-action.

Here’s one version of the video. (More about versions in […]

Video on Twitter–Making it Work for Your Business or Organization


Vine’s a new and intriguing tool that allows you to post video on Twitter. The app, which Twitter owns, limits each video to six seconds long–a limitation that’s not unlike your basic Twitter limit of 140 characters. You can’t do a whole lot in six seconds, but you don’t have to.

Video on Twitter Lends Itself […]

Planned Giving—A great area for social media tools


Planned giving—in which a donor gives a major gift in the context of financial or estate planning—is one of the best avenues for building donations for many nonprofits, currently representing 7-9% of charitable gifts. Your nonprofit may have a planned giving program, but have you thought to direct the power of YouTube and other social media […]