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April 2013

Event Video Will Set the Tone You Want

MiniMatters recently had the pleasure of attending Women in Technology’s Fourteenth Annual Leadership Awards Banquet, an event that kicked off with an event video we produced to add pizzazz and a note of humor to the evening.

Like the “Kids React to” videos

Digital Storytelling Using Your Organization’s Photos

As video producers, we’re very conscious of how much moving pictures enable digital storytelling. Yet as this video shows, dynamic digital storytelling can feature still photographs and be beautiful, moving, and eye-catching (click the image to see this video on the BBC):

Email Marketing Works Better If You Have a Video

Email marketing is alive and well even in the age of social media and texting—you can probably tell that email marketing is still significant from your own inbox. And yet email marketing only works if you make it compelling and effective, since your audience gets a huge number of such emails and can only afford […]

Make a Video–Try This Easy Video Storytelling Tool

Storytelling’s hot in marketing and fundraising, and it’s doubly important if you’re going to make a video. Storytelling is serious business, but we propose that if you’re going to make a video a good way to limber up your storytelling muscles is to try this fun storytelling tool, with the Zimmer Twins–and their cat, “13.”

Video platform options besides YouTube include Brightcove and Wistia

Video Platform Options—How Do You Sort Through Them?

An online video platform, or OVP, is a place on the web where you host your videos.  An OVP also provides other services such as custom players, analytics, as well as interactivity and opportunities for monetization (earning money from ads on your videos). YouTube is the most famous […]