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August 2013

A Tribute Video Expresses Grief and Points the Way Forward

A tribute video is a great way to recognize the leaders and special people of your organization. Every organization has founders, pioneers, champions – people who make the organization thrive and spread the word to new supporters.  When one of these central individuals dies, it can leave a gaping hole in the organization. How does […]

Sharing a Video on Google Plus

It’s hard to say what the relative positions of Facebook and Google Plus will be in the years to come, but it’s clear that one of Google Plus’s key advantages over Facebook et al concerning video is that Google Plus and YouTube share a corporate parent. You’ll notice that advantage when you start sharing a […]

Editing a Video with YouTube

Editing a video with YouTube is a surprisingly easy task—ironically, the trickiest part may be getting started.

Getting  started editing a video

YouTube’s home page doesn’t point the way to the editor, but you can get there directly at The other initial stumbling back to getting started editing a video is that the search box defaults […]