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February 25, 2014

Section 508 Compliance and Video


Section 508 compliance—conforming to a set of standards that make digital media accessible to people with disabilities—is mandatory for all federal agencies. As such, it may be necessary for your business if you do contract work for a federal agency. Even if you don’t, it may be just good business, as following its guidelines ensures that […]

Closed Captioning on Various Video Platforms


Closed captioning literally means that you have to turn on captions—that they’re not “open,” i.e., displayed to all viewers. Captioning, whether open or closed, contains all significant audio content, not just language, and therefore make a video accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing viewers. 

Small Business and Nonprofit Business Opportunity – Apply to BizClips Now to Win


It’s our pleasure at MiniMatters to partner with SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses, and Brother International, a premier provider of print and communications products and services. Together, they are offering a video contest where small businesses and nonprofits across the […]

Medical Associations and Foundations Should Make the Most of Conferences with Video


MiniMatters’ client, the medical association The