Monthly Archives: April 2014

How Should Organizations Approach Rolling Out Video?


It’s exciting when our clients are rolling out video. We love to watch the traffic grow. Making a number of videos at once realizes a number of advantages–you’ll save money in your video production costs, be able to realize a coherent plan for your video strategy, and make your own internal processes more efficient. But […]

The Future of Video Includes Frequent Video Publishing


A number of signs suggest that the future of video is in very frequent publishing. In a few short years, YouTube channels of typical associations, nonprofit organizations, and businesses will publish videos every week and, for many, even more often. Short has always dominated online video, and it’s likely that YouTube will look […]

What’s the Value of Member Testimonials on Video?


It was MiniMatters’ pleasure recently to work with the Association Foundation Group (AFG) ┬áto create a series of testimonial videos featuring members, a great option for growing an association’s video presence online. It’s an effective way to meet a number of goals, as we’ll explain below.

The top 5 reasons to use member testimonials

1. Member testimonials […]