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When Should Video Use a Voiceover?


The video incorporates diverse voices talking about the benefits of Capital Caring’s innovative¬†telecaring¬†program. The voiceover fills in the missing pieces, making for a smooth and persuasive message.

Voiceover has several key benefits

The voiceover in the video below which we produced for Capital Caring provides three key advantages:

  • It conveys a sense of objective truth
  • It fills content gaps […]

How Scripted Should Your Video Spokesperson Be?


Our clients often face the question of whether have their video spokesperson read from a script, or talk off the cuff? Should he or she prepare with talking points, or just go in to an interview cold? There’s no one right answer for your organization. It depends on the spokesperson, the content, and your audience.

The […]

What’s the Easiest Way to Upload Videos to Facebook?


Uploading videos to Facebook is really very easy, which is one reason we think everyone should do so. You can do it right from your timeline or your newsfeed.

Uploading videos to Facebook is really easy

At the top of your Facebook newsfeed (or your organization’s timeline) you’ll see a box for you to update your status […]

What’s the Impact of Facebook Autoplay?


If you use Facebook with any regularity, you’ve probably been noticing since December the effects of Facebook autoplay–just loading a page with a video on it causes the video to play, although sound doesn’t kick in until you click on the video. It’s an eye-catching change. But what does Facebook autoplay mean for your organization’s […]