Animated video is a useful planned giving tool. In 2015, the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH) used this customizable, animated video from MiniMatters to reach their members via the web, email blasts and social media, and raise awareness around planned giving opportunities. In response, four donors raised their hands to make planned gifts.

The contributions from these donors will be significant for the Center, and Executive Director Alison Teitelbaum is now able to steward the gifts and strengthen relationships with the donors. “In the past, we usually found out once or twice a year that someone left us in their will. Now, people are letting us know ahead of time, so that we can assist them in finding the best way to make their gift,” she said.

Planned givers making themselves known to you

Planned gifts can be large and, if asked, loyal donors can be quite open to making these gifts. Also, according to Blackbaud (2004), 70 to 90 percent of planned gifts are unknown to the charity until after the donors’ deaths. Thus, a video like this that raises awareness of the opportunity for planned giving may influence many more people to reach out to the organization.

What has happened

  • Using a customizable video format created by MiniMatters, in just two weeks, NCH gained a tightly structured, well-branded planned giving marketing tool that could immediately be used on the website, emails and social media.
  • More people are now notifying NCH of their planned giving intention, so NCH can assist donors in finding the best way to make their gifts and grow their relationships with these donors.
  • The membership now knows that NCH has a planned giving program.

MiniMatters’ role

MiniMatters created the animated video in a way that includes the prospective donor in the story. MiniMatters customized it with NCH’s logo, color palette, and call to action with contact information. NCH was then easily able to upload the video to YouTube, embed it in its website and link to it in email and social media posts.

Animated video production services

If your organization would like a customized version of this animated video, request an estimate. It makes a great and easy centerpiece for an email or social media communication.

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