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Helpful technical tips on video planning and production topics. Examples include scripting, how to look and sound good on video, presenting your message well, when to use voiceovers, creating section 508-compliant videos, and more.

How to Make a LinkedIn Profile Video

2023-03-18T13:27:18-04:00September 13th, 2022|Technical Tips, Video and Social Media|

A LinkedIn Profile Video can help build your personal brand; promote your organization; and engage with your colleagues, recruiters, potential employers, customers, or donors.

What is a LinkedIn Profile Video?

You’re probably used to seeing an individual’s profile photo on the lower […]

ASL Commercial with Picture in Picture

2023-03-18T13:33:30-04:00January 19th, 2022|Health and Medical Videos, Technical Tips, Video Inspiration|

You’ve likely seen an ASL Commercial with Picture in Picture of an American Sign Language interpreter. With critical public health and safety messages, it’s important to reach all groups in society–and this includes Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. If you have […]

Recording Presentation with Video

2023-07-07T16:11:39-04:00January 5th, 2022|Instructional Design, Technical Tips, Virtual Video|

Recording a presentation with video can be customized to your number of speakers, desired layout, colors, branding, text — and in a way that is far more dynamic and professional than a standard Zoom, Teams, or Webex recording. In this […]

How to Use YouTube Premiere for Virtual Events

2023-03-18T13:39:44-04:00March 23rd, 2021|Technical Tips, Video and Social Media, Video Inspiration, Video Marketing, Virtual Video, YouTube|

How to use YouTube Premiere for virtual events is great to know if you’re looking for a free and easy-to-use platform for virtual events. Not only is YouTube Premiere free, but it enables you to pre-record your event, promote the […]

How to Make Animated Videos

2023-07-07T17:05:13-04:00February 25th, 2021|Animated Video, Technical Tips, Video Inspiration|

How to make animated videos is a question many people ask. These videos, which are also sometimes called “Explainer Videos” or “Whiteboard Videos,” can be fun, challenging, and gratifying to make–and they can have a huge impact even in only […]
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