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Government video. Video now enables government agencies at local, state and national levels to communicate what they are doing and for whom in ways that are far more engaging than white papers and long written descriptions. Increasing numbers of forward-thinking government agencies are working to meet the public where they are at—online—by providing effective and compelling communications in easy-to-understand, short videos.

Whether it is letting the public know about the effective programs that are funded with their tax dollars, encouraging people to participate in programs, or using tax dollars cost-effectively by providing training and information online through video, MiniMatters can help with your government video needs. We are a women-owned business and certified disadvantaged business (DBE) in the state of Maryland, giving you an additional reason to choose us as a partner.

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MiniMatters is the perfect group to work with. I felt like I was working with friends who tried to understand our business, and did understand our business–sometimes better than we did. The size of their company also makes them cost-competitive and agile.

Dennis Langley, Executive Director, The Mechanical Contracting Research & Education Foundation
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