Elissa Leif Co-Founder and CEO MiniMatters Video Production and Marketing

Elissa Leif | Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate. Inquisitive. Strategic.
Elissa leverages her knowledge of technology and fundraising to help clients get the most of their investments in video and communication. She’s a quick learner with 20 years of experience in communications and video production, much of it in the fields of education and health. She leads project teams, ensures that we meet project specifications and client needs, oversees finances, and maintains excellent communications. Elissa holds a Masters Degree in education administration, planning, and social policy from Harvard University and a BA in history from Yale University.
barbara haupt co-founder and president minimatters video production and marketing

Barbara Haupt | Co-Founder & President

Creative. Executive. Mission-Driven.
Barbara’s both a big-picture thinker who’s driven by creativity and doing good, and an executive who gets things done. She’s excellent at managing complex projects with teams of producers, camera crews, editors, graphic designers, and animators. Barbara brings over twenty years of experience in policy, communications, and video production, much of it in the fields of health, policy, and international development. She holds a graduate degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of California at Irvine.
Janet Fox - Project Coordinator - MiniMatters Video Production + Marketing

Janet Fox | Project Manager

Versatile. Organized. Detail-Oriented.
Janet’s a versatile, organized, and detail-oriented project professional with thirty years of experience. She has worked in video production and other project management and support roles in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors, focusing on education, health, and the environment.  Janet is a trained COVID-19 Compliance Officer for video production, and serves as a volunteer leader in a local health support group. She earned a BS in Occupational Safety and Health from Purdue University and an AS in Environmental Protection Technology from the University of Cincinnati.

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