White triangular video play button on orange circleOur video expertise is creating short videos that tell compelling stories and drive people to action. MiniMatters translates complex ideas into short, understandable videos. These can be filmed, virtually recorded, animated – or a combination of the three. They may demonstrate the impact of a project; explain complex research, regulations, or policy issues in a clear way; or even help patients understand the latest medical research and take their next important health step. In these cases and more, MiniMatters assists our clients to use video and storytelling to communicate complex information effectively.

Our video services and the types of clients we serve can be seen in our website menu. However, if there’s something else you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

MiniMatters also takes pride in our thought leadership role in the video field, particularly in the areas of video storytelling, fundraising with video, and planned giving videos. MiniMatters staff has been invited to present at a variety of conferences and events as well as to organizations considering their video strategy.

Our Past Presentations


Excellent overview with opportunities to see how to develop and/or expand existing video opportunities for donors and prospects.
Audience Member, Planned Giving Group of CT