White triangular video play button on orange circle Testimonial videos are short, easy, and genuine. They can be filmed, edited, and produced quickly and at low cost, yet are extremely powerful. Multiple testimonials can also form the basis of a longer video.

A great time to film testimonial videos is at a national conference or event where many people gather. By interviewing participants for just 15 minutes each, an organization can efficiently obtain video content that will last for an entire year.

Heartfelt testimonials from real members, customers, and stakeholders offer authenticity that can’t be matched. This process also helps people remember and articulate why they care about your organization.

Our Testimonial Video Work

Clients are Saying

MiniMatters is the perfect group to work with. I felt like I was working with friends who tried to understand our business, and did understand our business–sometimes better than we did. The size of their company also makes them cost-competitive and agile.
Dennis Langley, Executive Director, The Mechanical Contracting Research & Education Foundation
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