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Animated Videos Are Effective

Animated videos can be “explainer videos” that use animated graphics set to a narrative script, or can simply be animated words set to music. Whether you looking for simple logo animations or more complex 2d, 2.5D or 3D animated videos, MiniMatters has a stellar team of writers, graphic designers, and animators who will deliver your project successfully.

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Clients are Saying

The Caring Economy Campaign hired…[MiniMatters]…to do a short video for us and it has been a huge hit…It’s showcased on our new website on the home page…It’s the first thing people see and it really gives a great introduction to our campaign. I really believe that video is the future of advocacy and policy work for nonprofits, and this has been a really important organizing tool.

Kim Otis, Caring Economy Campaign
For video production, call 301-339-0339 or email us.

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