As the owners of a Washington-DC-area video production company, we find that even some of our savviest clients haven’t taken advantage of the possibilities for animating their organizational logos. When it comes to animating a logo, branding guidelines are often silent. They shouldn’t be!

Animating a logo demonstrates who you are

Actions do speak louder than words, so don’t miss an opportunity by letting your logo stand still. This short logo reel shows what can happen with a little motion.

Have you thought about what your logo could look like animated?

It’s a fun thing to think about — how could you add movement or emphasis to parts of your logo to communicate your story?

The messages conveyed these animated logos are pretty simple–for example, Growth, Inclusivity, or Quality. What would you highlight to capture your organization’s core values if you animate the logo? Our design and animation team can help you imagine the possibilities with our custom logo animation services.

Description of the animated logos

Here’s a description of each of the logos in the video reel above, showing the explanatory power when you animate a logo and the range of emotions a logo animation can evoke:

  • Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI), a program of the Mechanical Contractors of America. The animation and intricate fit of the letters communicate dynamism and the pride of a community highly skilled in mechanics and engineering.
  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The animated column draws attention to the deep educational roots of the association while also conveying its capacity for writing its own history.
  • Melwood. The Melwood “m” grows organically, tipping a hat to Melwood’s origins in a horticulture program, while embodying its core value of growth for people with disabilities from a firm foundation in the community.
  • Tourette Association of America. For this organization, animation provides a tremendous opportunity to show a person ticcing in a welcoming and inclusive way–something nearly impossible to capture in a still image or logo.
  • Barker Adoption Foundation. The Barker rectangle demonstrates organizational solidity, and it is placed together with cute, modern animations representing its core activities and the wrap-around and supportive nature of these services.
  • The Hastings Center. While abstract, the animation conjures a sense of thoughtful interdisciplinary research and dialogue used to explore important ethical questions.
  • The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Shows a progression of house-shaped organizations joining together and lighting the darkness to create the larger, unified house, which is the national organization.
  • Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Brings together turquoise and lavender shapes harmoniously to symbolize the maternal-fetal relationship as pregnancy advances.
  • University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation (UMBF). With the playful animation of a building roof, evokes positive feelings about the institutions that make up the University of Maryland – Baltimore.
  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The animation appropriately emphasizes the logo’s gold star symbolizing CCNE’s accreditation of nursing programs that meet its quality standards.

Animating a logo as part of your video project

Request an estimate for a logo animation or for your next video project, and MiniMatters will likely be able to incorporate a logo animation for you if you don’t have one yet.

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