Vaccine videos featuring trusted COVID-19 vaccine experts are central to a national strategy to reach individuals and groups “on the fence” about vaccination by providing accurate information and reducing misinformation.

vaccine videos produced for american pharmacists association vaccine confident for cdcIn partnership with the American Pharmacists Association’s “Vaccine Confident” campaign, funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, MiniMatters produced a suite of 19 educational COVID-19 vaccination videos for featuring real-life pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, trained vaccinators, and other volunteers. These videos show actual patients being vaccinated against COVID-19 disease, with an emphasis on rural, African American and Latinx communities where more intensive outreach is currently needed. Each video is 1-3 minutes long, a good video length to hold viewers’ attention.

These pharmacists, who are highly educated and trusted healthcare providers, share various questions and comments they get – and their answers. Several also encourage the public to take action and get vaccinated to protect everyone’s health. We invite you to view these short videos, and to share them with others who could benefit from timely information and inspiring stories of vaccination in diverse communities.

The pharmacist below regularly serves and deeply cares about the health and welfare of her customers, many of whom are neighbors. She knows how to meet them wherever they are in the vaccination decision-making process. Respectfully answering all questions accurately and clearly, she helps customers decide what to do. She also shares her family’s scare, when her husband was sick with COVID.

In a similar way, trusted and engaged clergy, especially those who are multi-lingual or with healthcare backgrounds, can be instrumental in helping their congregants and others get vaccinated as a part of their ministries. The video below is available in both Spanish and English.

Unlike in larger communities with many pharmacies to choose from and thousands of residents, rural pharmacists and staff often have first-name relationships with their customers, and also know what’s happening with their families and friends. The video below highlights such a community.

This final example shows another vaccination story you won’t want to miss. Come along as this team travels to vaccinate home-bound individuals in rural Virginia.

Share these vaccine videos to encourage more people to get vaccinated

MiniMatters encourages everyone to learn about the COVID-19 vaccines and talk with trusted health professionals to answer your vaccination-related questions. Please share these videos individually by clicking the share button on the right side of the video player, with those who may benefit from the information. Or share this complete blog using the share buttons in the blue bar, below.

While MiniMatters’ video professionals follow COVID-19 compliance protocols for in-person filming, we eagerly look forward to a post-pandemic era. Please take good care and stay healthy out there!

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