Great nonprofits have an advantage when it comes to telling a story on video, because mission-driven organizations always have stories that will speak to the heart—a mission essentially IS a story. We at MiniMatters believe that great nonprofits will start to use another resource that’s right at their fingertips, and that has enormous potential when combined with a mission: showcasing your board members in video. Their considerable expertise and experience are probably already listed in text on your web page, thereby enhancing your organization’s reputation.  Creating easily shareable videos that showcase their belief in your organization is the simple and powerful next step whose time has come.

Great nonprofits can do even better than Microsoft

Microsoft may have deep pockets and great name recognition, but video reveals the true advantage of great nonprofits: a for-profit organization can never tell such a great story as the one that’s embedded right in your mission. Yet Microsoft has made videos featuring its board members, and you don’t need deep pockets like theirs to showcase your members in a similar fashion.Microsoft video

Board members typically meet in person at least a few times a year, and a board member video shoot tied to a meeting weekend or retreat is a highly economical way to create a set of board member videos, as well as get board members even more engaged around mission and fundraising at this time.

Great nonprofits rely on an energized and engaged board, and board member videos will help with this, too.  According to the Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s 2012 special report on Engaging Board Members in Fundraising,  “Nonprofits with engaged boards are 17% more likely to increase fundraising revenue and 7% more likely to reach annual fundraising goals.”

Videos not only help board members show their public commitment to your organization’s work, but it can also help them fulfill the fundraising role of signaling a large number of people with minimal effort. Their video can easily be embedded in a company webpage or blog, or featured on their LinkedIn profile and announced in their social media posts.  (MiniMatters also provides training and information sheets to show board members how!)  In addition, because board members often have the resources that make planned giving an option for them, board member videos are a great way to bring attention to your planned giving program as well.

Great nonprofits are already starting to use their board members as spokespeople

The video below, which MiniMatters created for the American Chemical Society about board member John Wiesenfeld, may not have the slickness of a Microsoft board member video, but you’ll see that it really has a lot of heart. It also references planned giving as a great option for donors.

We believe that great nonprofits will increasingly feature their board members in video profiles. Are you planning a board retreat or meeting? MiniMatters can be on the spot for the event, and you’ll find that our interview style makes these gatherings even more fun.

Your board members serve because of their true feelings about your mission, and because of that they bring infectious enthusiasm you should share with the widest possible audience. What have you done to engage your board members lately?

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MiniMatters wishes to thank Amy Green Thrasher of Thrasher Worldwide Communications, Inc. for collaborating on this post.

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