This African American COVID-19 Vaccination Video shares vaccination stories and information important to Black patients.

Trusted healthcare providers who are helpful and relatable can reduce vaccine hesitancy in many vulnerable populations. With this in mind, MiniMatters filmed and edited a set of 19 videos, including this African American COVID-19 Vaccination Video featuring FlexCare pharmacist Vivian Ayuk. Produced by the American Pharmacists Association for its CDC-funded #VaccineConfident campaign, the videos show a diverse group of trusted pharmacists answering the questions of real patients deciding to get vaccinated.

This video shows one African American male patient asking a question about side effects, and Ayuk providing a response. We see another African American male patient who “didn’t feel a thing” and promises to return for his second dose. Both the pharmacist and the patients in this video are models of engaging in active dialogue around the COVID vaccine. The importance of vaccination for the community also comes through in Ayuk’s mentioning of patients in their community who passed away because of COVID and her own husband getting COVID and then getting his vaccination as soon as it was available.

Is someone you know hesitant about getting vaccinated?

MiniMatters encourages learning about the COVID-19 vaccines and talking with trusted health professionals to answer your questions and encourage others to do the same. The CDC website has a wealth of the latest information, data, questions and answers, and resources, too.National Vaccine Month of Action: Let's ensure as many people as possible get at least one vaccine dose by July 4th. We can do this!

Please share this video (and the other COVID-19 vaccination videos) with those who may be on the fence about being vaccinated. Let’s all do what we can to get us all to a post-pandemic era!

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