A Benevon Video is a significant help to organizations implementing the Benevon® fundraising model, which aspires to build long-term relationships with donors and achieve sustainable funding.

A Benevon Video can be used at a “Point of Entry” event which provides an inspiring opportunity for guests to see the impact of the organization’s work, or an “Ask Event” for guests further along in the cultivation process. These are two of the key steps in Benevon’s well-known, multistep fundraising model.

MiniMatters produced this Benevon Video for Melwood, a well-known nonprofit organization in the Washington, DC region. Melwood supports children, youth, and adults of differing abilities to work and play where and how they choose. Used at Melwood’s Enriching Lives Breakfast, the video demonstrates the impact of Melwood’s AbilIT program from the perspective of a top-notch local employer. It also features an employee of differing abilities and has the kind of inspirational “punch” needed for a Benevon event. The video was both filmed virtually and used for a virtual event, but will also be repurposed for other uses, such as reaching out to potential AbilIT employers.

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