A Charity Walk Video shows the enthusiasm, energy, and support for your cause and charity walk event. It can also thank your sponsors, walkers, donors, and other volunteers for their contributions–and raise funds and support for the next year!

MiniMatters produced this lively Charity Walk Video for the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network‘s 2018 Walk to End Bladder Cancer. BCAN coordinated Walks in 27 locations throughout the U.S. During the events, team leaders snapped photos and recorded videos of speakers and walkers in action, too. MiniMatters then combined selected images and videos with custom animation and video effects to tell what happened. Paired with upbeat music, the resulting video matches the groups’ enthusiasm and highlights fundraising success.

This professionally produced video has many uses. For example, it can:

  • boost your fundraising;
  • promote your event on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media;
  • encourage and invite people to sign up;
  • solicit potential sponsors;
  • announce results;
  • thank everyone who helped; and
  • document your program in annual reports and meetings.

Because of these many uses, a Charity Walk Video can get, pardon the pun, lots of mileage.

If you host a charity walk, charity run, or other walk for a cause, perhaps video could help you, too. To find out, contact MiniMatters for a free estimate. We’re located in the Washington, DC region, but produce professional videos for clients throughout the U.S.

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