When your organization members take up the challenge of addressing COVID, provide some inspiration and thanks in the form of a COVID impact video.

This COVID Impact Video was shown at the 2020 annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), which became a virtual event. Even when viewed on screens at home, the video helped to inspire members representing nursing colleges. These members have been through a great deal in this past year, turning out graduates to serve on the front lines of COVID and having to adjust their education accordingly.

The video shows contributions that some of the member colleges have made to fight COVID. Instead of live filming, we included photos from those colleges in combination with engaging animation and music. Our client wrote:

“My favorite response to the video so far from an AACN member:  This is the first time the Year in Review video made me cry.  We are about to show it for a second time at 3pm.”

If your organization hosts virtual meetings or other online events, an impact video might be the perfect way to show gratitude or provide inspiration. And after the meeting, you can also use the video in your marketing and social media channels.

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