An Explainer Video can be produced using graphics you already have, brought to life through a script, voiceover recordings, music, and animations.

Did you know an explainer video can be made using graphics you already have? In this example, High Street Consulting, our client, provided us with hand-drawn illustrations. These graphics were part of a research and policy report related to Transportation Performance Management. They wanted us to create a series of four companion videos that would highlight key topics in about one minute each. Short videos like these can convey core information quickly and in an engaging way.

Other Explainer Video Applications

As shown in the featured video, MiniMatters can animate your existing illustrations, bring charts or other infographics to life through movement, or animate key text or statistics. But we can also create all of these graphical elements for you if you don’t already have them. Here’s such an example – a medical credentialing program explainer video.

Do you raise funds for your university, association, or foundation? Explainer videos can help here, too. This informative video about planned giving programs includes photos, broll, and interviews, too!

Do you repeatedly receive questions on the same topic? Which concepts, policies, or other programs of yours could use explanation to inform your members, stakeholders, or customers? Perhaps a video to answer FAQs is the solution.

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