A financial portal video can be an appealing way to unveil your new online portal or website and welcome your stakeholders to check it out for themselves.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) came to MiniMatters when it wanted to roll out a new online portal to assist its stakeholders. This short, engaging animated video introduces the portal and shows fund managers in emerging markets some of its key features and tools.

A financial portal video, like this one, can pique interest and encourage people to take the next step, like visiting the new portal or a specific website. Branded to your organization, the video can be a visual draw on your website, YouTube channel, social media posts, email campaigns, and in other marketing efforts.

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Although this example is animated, we can also produce virtually recorded videos using our high-quality virtual platform. Or if in-person filming would better serve your needs, our video professionals follow COVID-19 prevention protocols.

To view selected video examples, check out the other animated videos in our online video portfolio. In addition to video production, the MiniMatters’ team offers a wide range of video services. We’re here to help you achieve your communication goals, so request your estimate today to start our conversation.

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