A health equity video shows some of the racial and social inequities that have become abundantly and tragically clear in 2020.

The COVID-19 virus has impacted all of our lives, but people of color and low-income populations have been more negatively impacted. This health equity video reveals the inequities in health care delivery and outcomes during the pandemic. The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation wanted to convey not only the problem, but also its commitment to rectifying these inequities and building trust. To meet this need, MiniMatters produced this poignant video pointing out these inequities. The video highlights several facts, including:

“Black and Brown U.S. Residents are 3X as likely to become infected as are White people.”

Showing many faces, representing those most likely to be impacted the most, helps the viewer see the numbers in human terms. The call to action simply states “Society and U.S. health care can and must do better.”

Health Equity Video can inform and inspire action

Videos like this one can highlight research results and call people to act to reduce health disparities and enhance racial equity and social justice. These can be used on websites, in advocacy and marketing campaigns, featured in social media, and shown at your events.

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