A How To Video for organizing an Individualized Education Program Binder helps parents prepare for productive school meetings.

MiniMatters produced this How To Video for the Tourette Association of America‘s online resources library. The helpful video shows parents or guardians how to create a binder of their child’s materials in order to make their IEP (individualized education program) meetings more successful.

While depicting the atmosphere of an IEP meeting involving a parent, teachers and other school staff, the video uses animation to highlight ideal binder sections and tips. The video therefore provides highly concrete and concise “how to” advice for stakeholders of the Tourette Association as well as many others outside the association who would also find such a video resource useful.

Key features of the video include:

  • Visual demonstration of a context in which the binder might be used;
  • Explanation of the purposes of each binder section;
  • Close up of sample materials from each section with key points highlighted with engaging animated graphics;
  • A completed sample of the whole binder; and
  • A call to action to access additional resources

Professionally-produced videos, like this example, can efficiently communicate on very specific topics. As a result, they can add value to your website, YouTube, or educational channels.

Videos can be free to view, like this one. Or, they can be limited to members or paid subscribers and potentially add to your revenue stream.

Does your organization have valuable information to share? If yes, contact MiniMatters for a free quote and to discuss a How To Video project.

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