Medical-board-certification videos explain important exam and continuing education requirements to help health care professionals get and stay certified. This information is especially important when medical boards or credentialing organizations update their programs.

As times change, medical colleges and boards may make important changes to their continuing education and credentialing requirements. When this happens, it’s crucial that these certification bodies inform credentialed health professionals so they stay certified in their chosen fields. A medical certification board video quickly explains and highlights the updates to busy medical professionals.

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) was in this situation. After soliciting input and receiving feedback, it updated its credentialing and certification exams programs and processes to better meet the needs of emergency physicians. For example, the exam was restructured and moved online to be more convenient. The certification’s term length and cost changed, too. These program changes will help medical professionals more easily stay current as medicine changes, ultimately helping patients and their families.

Audiences for Medical Certification and Credentialing Board Videos

Communication and membership staff within these organizations can use a smartly scripted, animated video like this in many ways. It can be shown at virtual or in-person conferences or convenings, on the credentialing board’s website, and on social media.

Whether you manage communications in a medical school or board or other medical credentialing entity, MiniMatters can work with you to produce an engaging, informative, action-oriented video. Other types of certification bodies and licensing organizations – with similar needs – could also use this type of video. Request an estimate, and we’ll get right back to discuss your specific needs.

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