A Membership Benefits Video promotes the ongoing value of your organization, and can be produced even during COVID times.

Membership organizations, including medical societies and trade associations, offer a rage of valuable benefits to their members. Some of these benefits – and especially how they are delivered – have likely changed due to restrictions resulting from the pandemic. A new (or updated) membership benefits video can easily highlight how you’ve innovated to continue to meet your members’ needs.

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) wanted to promote the value of their organization. This video highlights membership benefits, including an online conference, online course offerings available 24/7, their prestigious journal, and their hackathon and challenges. MiniMatters produced this by drawing on a combination of existing footage, stock imagery, and high energy graphics and music.

Has your organization updated member benefits due to COVID-19?

If your medical association, other professional association or membership organization has updated member benefits, consider adding a new or updated video to your communications content toolbox.

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