A Membership Promo Video, like this upbeat animated video, explains the value proposition of joining your association or organization to prospective and renewing members.

Our client and partner for this video, Mission Partners, needed to show the value of membership in the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals. After describing a member’s needs, the narration and snappy animation quickly introduce ACCP as the go-to resource. Voiceover testimonials complement the animation and describe key member benefits.

Expand your membership recruitment toolkit with a Membership Promo Video.

MiniMatters produces a variety of membership promotion videos. Animated videos, like this example:

  • are specific to your brand, using colors, styles, and voices that match or complement your other marketing media;
  • convert a written testimonial into a voiceover that then can be depicted in the video;
  • eliminate the extra logistics and expense of live filming. With animation, there’s not need to schedule a filming session, locate people to be filmed, or hire a crew;
  • showcase lots of different types of people/personas; and
  • are easy and catchy to include in websites, social media, and membership campaigns.

We produce other membership videos, too. For example, an event marketing video or conference testimonial video shows member benefits in action. And if you host events, we can work with you to plan and film member testimonials while people are at your event.

If your association or other membership organization would like to explore ideas, contact us for a free estimate.

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