This Mentorship Program Video exemplifies how professional editing can transform a virtual recording into a compelling and well-branded video.

The Infectious Diseases Society of America Foundation wanted to share the story of its successful mentorship program. This video of a mentor and mentee in action gives viewers a glimpse into the benefits of this professional relationship. It also vividly describes how life issues impact one’s work, explores ideas, and offers encouragement for navigating these areas. Through this sharing, the mentor and mentee support each other.

MiniMatters worked with IDSA and provided guidance on questions to ask for virtual recording. Then, through our professional video editing, we:

  • Focused the video on the key story-line elements,
  • Selected the most compelling video visuals,
  • Added logo and other branding elements.

The resulting mentorship program video can be used on websites, in program descriptions, in membership campaigns, in fundraising pitches, and on social media.

Could a mentorship program video help your organization?

MiniMatters has produced business mentorship program videos sharing stories such as this Social Impact Video or this Business Marketing Video. Be sure to check out our Portfolio, for other examples of our work, too.

Then, contact MiniMatters to explore your needs and possible solutions. Our professional video production, editing, and marketing team is here to help you succeed!

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