A Research Summary Video gives your audience an overview of your findings, then encourages viewers to read your full report for the details.

It’s not illogical to use video to market your organization’s written reports. People really need to see what benefits they will get by investing their time to dig deeper into your papers and reports. And it can be highly effective to combine thought-leader or user testimonials with a peek into what’s in the actual report using video animation.

Our client, the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR), produced a critical report on community association aging infrastructure that they didn’t want to sit gathering dust and unread. Large infrastructure problems have become a pressing problem for community associations as they age, and leadership from community association boards at an early stage can make all the difference.  The Foundation took action, surveying community association members and experts and, after analyzing the collected data, produced the Aging Infrastructures Report with key findings, case studies, and recommendations for best practices. As you can imagine, this information is invaluable to busy community association members who need to address small problems before they become serious issues, as well as deal with serious issues as they emerge. That’s where the power of video comes in.

A Research Summary Video can be a valuable tool to:

  • quickly promote and provide an overview of your research findings to your members, encouraging them to read a full report;
  • marketing research reports to non-members, as part of member recruitment campaigns or stand-alone report sales;
  • enhance your brand by presenting your organization as experts in your chosen field.

If your organization conducts important research to aid your members or audience, MiniMatters can help you announce it. Our professional video production and marketing team is ready to discuss your project and needs. Check our portfolio to see other samples of our work. Or to get the conversation started, simply request a no-obligation cost estimate for your project.

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