A short scripted video combines your chosen narration with visuals to communicate a powerful message.

We produced this short scripted video for the Tourette Association of America as a tool to help staff and stakeholders promote understanding towards people with Tourette Syndrome. It’s affecting to watch a young boy writing by hand to his teacher as he verbally describes his health issue, hoping for the teacher’s empathy and support. The voices of parents and a young adult reinforce the message that communication is key to more understanding from teachers, colleagues, and peers.

Scripting a short video like this is not hard. After an initial discussion, our client created a draft. We then edited it and made filming suggestions.

With a plan in hand, the filming was quick and efficient. In fact, we filmed several short, scripted videos in less than one day. Further, editing time and budget were reduced due to the scripting.

Logistics for short, scripted videos can also be simple. We can film them in your office, or at a conference or other event. If you are considering filming in your office space, you can check out our top five tips to help you get the most by filming at your office.

In the end, the Association incorporated this video into informational presentations their staff give in communities across the country. They have also made the video available for local chapters and individuals to share from the Association’s YouTube Channel.

Perhaps a set of short scripted videos can help you reach important audiences with clear messaging, too.

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