A Social Media Video with animated text connects with teens and adults on the devices and social channels where they hang out.

This Social Media Video, produced for the Tourette Association of America, promotes its national conference to teens and families. Highlighting fun, educational, and group activities, it shows teens and families what to expect when they attend.

A social media video (aka social video):

  • Is very short and suited to social media both in the length and in the way the animated graphics are used to convey content. Many people watch social media videos with the sound turned off, so this style using animated text is great practice.
  • Can incorporate quality footage from prior events, and get more mileage from prior video investments.
  • Targets an audience, in this case teens and young adults with Tourette Syndrome, by reaching them where they hang out – which is social media.

MiniMatters can create these short, social media-friendly marketing videos which everyone is starting to need – especially if youth is an audience, but also for general use. Another example from our portfolio is this Facebook Video Ad.

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