A Text to Give Video, shown at a major event, catches your audience at an optimal giving time.

MiniMatters produced this Text to Give Video for the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association, raising $15,000 via text donations at an evening event connected to the association’s annual meeting.

We tied together widely different photos and footage from the Foundation’s funded projects from the past several years into a cohesive video results report for the audience, which included many past donors. By carefully scripting the video and using a professional voiceover artist, we were able to unite the diverse materials into a compelling, professional whole.

The video ended with a description of the 2019 project for which donations were being sought, which was followed by an appeal from Foundation representatives for donations via text.

Fundraising videos like this text to donate video can:

  • Report your program’s results back to donors. This video, for example, showed some effective before-after visual comparisons. These included a village which had no electricity before and where kids studied by candlelight to one where electrical wires were hung and change was made.
  • Attract new donors by demonstrating the impact they can achieve through their donations.
  • Provide compelling content for end-of-year and other fundraising campaigns.

If you think a Text to Give Video could enhance your fundraising efforts, contact us for an estimate. We can discuss your goals and how to use professional video in the most effective ways to meet these goals. View our other Fundraising Videos and website for more ideas, too.

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