This diabetes education video provides treatment tips to increase “Time in Range” for patients with diabetes, including taking advantage of Continuous Glucose Monitors, or CGMs.

Our client, the American Diabetes Association (ADA), seeks to improve “Time in Range” for patients with type 1 diabetes or patients with type 2 diabetes who use insulin. This video shows a number of tips for practitioners, such as Medicare requirements for CGMs, lifestyle management, and nutrition interventions.

This video is a highlight reel that takes short nuggets of information and compiles them into a single “tips” video. MiniMatters also produced a series of 3-5-minute “Practice Pearls” videos that delve deeper into the content. presented by these same practitioners.

A short tips video highlights key information quickly

With video, MiniMatters can work with your subject matter experts and doctors to help plan, organize, and bring useful information to your audience, whether it’s healthcare workers, patients, or caregivers.

  • We can produce a series of videos around a single topic (such as Time in Range), with each speaker going into greater depth on a subtopic.
  • MiniMatters can use short clips from each individual video to create a punchy, engaging highlight reel for you to introduce and market the series.
  • To save your speakers time and your organization money, we can record these virtually on our high-quality, customizable video recording platform.
  • After production, you upload and arrange the videos on your website or learning management system (LMS).

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