A Whiteboard Video can explain complex content in a professional and sophisticated way.

The Yale School of Medicine wanted to explain a new medical approach called Patient Priorities Care to their audiences of physicians, patients and caregivers. MiniMatters’ scripting and artwork put this innovative method of care into a story that made it easy to comprehend. The Patient Priorities Care team then used the video to promote the approach to physicians via e-blasts, social media and other communications; to introduce a free online training in the method; and to provide general information about the method to the broader community.

With a whiteboard video like this one:

  • Viewers follow the hand as it writes and draws, while listening to the companion audio. This has a similar feel to learning something new from a teacher in a class.
  • Complex information can be presented quickly, while focusing on main points.
  • Engaging graphics, animation and the story itself contribute to the audience’s ability to understand and remember the content.

If you’ve got complex material to convey, a carefully scripted whiteboard video is a great method to use.

Whether you need a medical, health, or other whiteboard storytelling video, MiniMatters will work with you to translate your initial ideas into a finished video. Our team can also help you with post-production marketing, as we did in this case.

To explore these or other possibilities, browse our Portfolio for other animated videos, such as this medical animation. Request your free estimate today.

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