A YouTube Channel Trailer introduces new viewers to your videos and invites them to SUBSCRIBE.

MiniMatters produced this YouTube Channel Trailer for the Foundation for Community Association Institute to promote its educational channel. Using existing video, photos, screenshots, and animation, we created a vibrant channel snapshot. At the end, it guides viewers to the next step – to SUBSCRIBE.

But why have a channel promotional video? To help you grow your YouTube channel and engage with your audience!

If you’re wondering how to promote your YouTube channel with a trailer, here are some helpful tips:

  • Set up your YouTube channel so it is the official trailer.
  • Launch it at member conferences and meetings to announce your new or revamped channel.
  • Show it in exhibit booths to quickly present your organization and invite a conversation. Providing a give-away with a QR code to your YouTube channel could also remind attendees to follow-up after the event.
  • Feature it in email campaigns to market your YouTube channel to members, partners, sponsors, donors or other targeted groups. For instance, invite your members to subscribe and to suggest their own videos for one of your playlists.
  • Highlight it on your website to become a resource for those new to your organization.
  • Showcase it in social media to promote your YouTube channel for free.
  • As a result of taking these steps, you can grow your YouTube channel fast!

The beauty of a YouTube promotional video is that it can be used in so many ways. For these reasons, a professionally-produced video can be a smart and effective foundation of your YouTube marketing strategy. Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss your video project.

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