True. The look and feel of your video should suit your overall branding. Sometimes, the video equivalent of festival bead necklaces might be OK. But there are places you and your organization can go wearing pearls that you just can’t when your accessories cost a dime.

There’s nothing wrong with posting amateur video in the right context.

  • Let’s say your Facebook page has an informal feel. You address your fans as “guys” and sometimes ask them how they like the weather, even though your organization isn’t about climate change. A video you made with your iphone at a company event might work fine there.
  • But in a serious context–on your organization’s website, in a message with a call to action, in a fundraising context, you want the look of pearls. And the great thing is that, like pearls, professional videos still look good in an informal context.
There are times when you need video with great production values. Video that tells a story and has the power to inspire. That kind of video can make a big difference, and that’s why you should call in the experts. Including, dare we say it, us! If MiniMatters can help you use this tip or serve your other video needs, we’d love to talk with you at 301-339-0339 or via email at [email protected].