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For your government video needs, MiniMatters is a women-owned and disadvantaged business working on Federal and state projects, with certifications in Maryland and Illinois.

Our team members handle scripting and all phases of production on government video projects on a variety of technical subjects, often working with subject matter experts (SMEs). We pair our government video and technical expertise with modern approaches to video including storytelling, eye-catching graphic design and animation, and well-structured scripting with a minimum of jargon designed to inform and motivate the specific audiences for your project.

Increasingly, forward-thinking government agencies are working to meet the public where they are at—online—by providing key information in easy-to-understand, short videos that supplement and complement other forms of online training and communications. MiniMatters would be proud help you with your government video needs, so please contact us today.

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MiniMatters is the perfect group to work with. I felt like I was working with friends who tried to understand our business, and did understand our business–sometimes better than we did. The size of their company also makes them cost-competitive and agile.
Dennis Langley, Executive Director, The Mechanical Contracting Research & Education Foundation
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