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Fundraising videos…How do you motivate someone to give? One great way is to spur or strengthen a connection between your potential donors and your organization. Video storytelling and fundraising videos are some of the most effective ways to build that connection. They can show people something meaningful and memorable, and help them feel an emotional connection.

Because our team has expertise in both video production and fundraising, we can help craft a message that is strategic from a fundraising point of view and produced professionally.

Our Fundraising Video Work

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Clients are Saying

The MiniMatters video gave our event the pizzazz it needed, inspiring people to step up their philanthropy even in tough economic times.

Kae Dakin, Co-Chair, National Capital Philanthropy Day

OREF’s research grant recipients have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the donors who make their grants possible. MiniMatters did a fantastic job of helping us share that gratitude and passion for research through a series of grant recipient profile videos that we use to encourage others to support our mission.

Karen A. Pubentz, Senior Director of Marketing Communications, Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation

They have taken the time to really invest their time in who we are. So they now can really intellectually converse with us about ideas moving forward in terms of what we want to accomplish. It really was a worthwhile investment on our part, and I’m glad we did it.

Anita Parker, Former Development Director, Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI Foundation
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