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Animated Video to Support Diversity and Inclusion

June 16th, 2020|Animated Video|

Animated video can support your organization's diversity and inclusion efforts, with animated characters representing diversity in leadership, membership, staff and stakeholders. Animated videos (also sometimes called "explainer videos") have the additional benefit that they [...]

  • medical animation video image showing immune therapies interacting with cancer cell

Medical Animation Video

May 7th, 2020|Animated Video|

Complex medical information - like how treatments work; the benefits of a medical test or screening; or steps before, during, or after a procedure - can be hard for many patients to grasp, especially [...]

  • graphic scrolling to repesent millions people using sharps animated video from powerpoint slides

Animated Video from PowerPoint Slides

April 2nd, 2020|Animated Video|

Public health messages are critically important. But many times, there's not time to film a person or it may simply be impossible, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Animated video is a great alternative. [...]

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