Facebook’s move to compete with Twitter’s Vine app by adding Instagram videos is just one more data point showing the importance of video in interacting with your stakeholders. Here’s how Kobe Bryant’s Instagram video, which shows a slice of his life recovering from an injury, looks on his Instagram page:

Kobe Bryant on InstagramThe integration between the video and the comments he’s received demonstrate the highly social nature of Instagram as well as the potential of Instagram videos within your organization’s social media efforts.

Instagram videos are longer than Vine videos

If you’ve heard of Instagram videos, you probably know that they’re 15 seconds long while Vine videos are only 6 seconds long. This contrast certainly resembles the difference between Twitter and Facebook, since Twitter keeps tweets to 140 characters and Facebook posts have much fewer (and longer) limitations.

But we believe that Facebook decided on longer videos with more in mind: that they realize that in providing 15 seconds of time, Instagram videos allow for a lot more substance than a Vine videos possibly can. It occurs to us that 15 seconds is even a workable length for a testimonial video, if a modest one(read this if you’re considering testimonial video, and call us soon!). In a 15 second Instagram video you can have someone important to your organization say that they support your organization and, perhaps, give one reason why.  Or, say what a difference the organization has made in their life!

girl filiming with iphone

In other words, Facebook seems to have realized that many people do want a little more substance in their videos than 6 seconds’ worth–this gives them something more to respond to.  And, needless to say, if people prefer this, 15-second videos should help Facebook pull in more advertising revenue.

Instagram videos offer editing features

Facebook also wisely included editing features in their Instagram video app, and this reflects their recognition that a little editing can go a long way. Instagram videos won’t look professional—but they’ll look just a trifle more professional than Vine videos. And Facebook’s decision might suggest the wisdom of using an affordable, professional video production company like MiniMatters for your videos when you’re ready to go beyond DIY.

We hope you’ll get in touch with us when you’re at that point. In the meantime, Instagram videos offer a lot of fun for amateurs. It’s a taste of the kind of fun that we have on our shoots, and we know that will be very popular.

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