A planned giving program is an opportunity for nonprofits to realize a substantial boost in their ability to do great work, and for donors to give poignant meaning to one of the most important processes in their lives. We believe that anything as important as planned giving deserves the dynamic presentation of a short video, and we’ve created a new service, 30-second customized videos that make it clear how simple planned giving can be. It’s the perfect and economical approach to kicking off a planned giving program or enhancing one that’s already in motion. Here’s a preview of the product personalized for the National Center for Homeopathy:

Alison Teitelbaum, the Executive Director, found this to be just the kind of video the organization needed to engage potential planned giving donors. She commented that the video makes planned giving “seem more accessible—that anyone can do it, even if you’re not sure how to get started. It takes away that overwhelming feeling while also emphasizing that donors will be leaving a legacy through a planned gift.  They can leave a legacy to our organization and lead healthier lives.”

She saw her organization using the video in many ways throughout the year, adding: “We’ll be pushing the video out for year-end giving, of course on our website, and in email newsletters and social media.”

30 seconds to make the case for planned giving

The video provides a good deal of content in thirty seconds without feeling rushed. It shows your donors:

  • Their legacy gift has long-term impact.
  • Planned giving is easy with a beneficiary designation.Video thumbnail for wistia video Kick Off Your Planned Giving Program in 30 Seconds
  • Changes can often be made online.
  • Your organization name, address, and tax id number.
  • How to contact you to tell you they’ve made the gift.

As Dr. Russell James and Jackie Franey of BNY Wealth Management described at the 2013 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning and the Virtual Giving blog also points out, many planned giving programs focus on wills and bequests. This neglects an often greater opportunity—to have your organization listed as a beneficiary on donors’ IRAs, 401K plans, life insurance policies, and other similar investment vehicles. Changing or merely adding beneficiaries is generally a simpler (and perhaps less emotionally fraught) approach to planned giving than changing a will, and this video can be used to raise awareness among donors of how simple it is.

Customized animation meets planned giving program needs

The cost of video is often an obstacle for planned giving programs. An organization may just be starting out with video and not yet have the buy-in and budget to create donor story videos or donor testimonials. Yet it’s important that video reflect well on the organizational or institutional brand. Animation with customized content is a great solution. While “animation” may bring Bugs Bunny to mind, this animation is entirely classy in its appearance, and presents the key messages in a neutral style. A professional voiceover and customization for the organization—including logo, tax id, and other features—completes the package.

Your planned giving program can use our video in various ways

A planned giving program can use the video by itself, or alongside a donor testimonial or donor story video on your organization’s website for an added encouragement to act. The video can also be used in email or in any other electronic means you use to communicate with prospective donors.

We can usually produce these within a few weeks, so you’ll have a planned giving video that you can upload to your website and an online video platform like YouTube. You’ll be able to embed your video just about anywhere, and show it alone or alongside other media presentations that promote donation. If you’d like to learn more, request an Estimate.

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