A 30-Second Commercial is a versatile option for a nonprofit fundraising campaign.

Melwood is a longstanding nonprofit organization with a mission to “advocate for and empower individuals with disabilities to trans­form their own lives through unique opportunities to work and play in the community.” Known for their Melwood Car Donation program, Melwood wanted to communicate more generally about opportunities to donate to Melwood as part of end-of-year giving. It therefore made sense for them to create a short commercial they could air in the local Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia media market at that time of year–and which also could be repurposed for other uses.

This nonprofit commercial was produced with logo animations created by MiniMatters and footage of Melwood employees at work that Melwood had already filmed before the pandemic. In this way, the commercial visually demonstrates the impact of gifts to Melwood–people with disabilities who are employed and productive and happy within the community.

TV commercials have a variety of formatting requirements and specifications, which can vary by station and where it helps to have an experienced video production company. With the additional contributions of a skilled media buyer on the team, Melwood was able to use this short video to surpass fundraising goals for the year, all while raising awareness of their mission and programs!

Could your nonprofit fundraising program benefit from a 30-second commercial?

A 30-second commercial is a great length for local television media markets, where it can air at low cost at night or interspersed within news programs. An added benefit is that it is also a good length for online fundraising, whether through an organization’s email and social media channels or through a paid social media advertising campaign.

One of MiniMatters’ specialties is in nonprofit and fundraising videos, so be sure to check out our Fundraising Video Services and Client List. Then, while you plan your nonprofit’s end-of-year giving and other fundraising campaigns, consider if a short nonprofit commercial could help you achieve your goals. Submit an Estimate Request to explore your options!

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