An Animated Campaign Logo visually strengthens your message.

MiniMatters created this Animated Campaign Logo for the American Chemical Society’s “50 Forward” fundraising campaign. The campaign celebrates the 50th anniversary of ACS Project SEED, a program that has changed the lives of more than 10,000 high school students through lab-based research experiences and mentorship.

You’ll notice that the logo brings together the concept of scientific change – represented by the Greek letter delta – and the upward arrow indicating forward momentum and increasing funds raised. Adding animation to the logo offers the opportunity to highlight these ideas further – the logo actually demonstrates that forward momentum. And the logo can be used in any video connected with the campaign.

In fact, the animated logo both opens and closes a campaign video featuring Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Fraser Stoddard. The logo sets the stage for the fast-paced, energetic story and continues the momentum through the call to action, to visit the website to make a donation.

Who can benefit from an Animated Campaign Logo?

If you are an organization, business, or government agency, you can use an animated logo to:

  • Build brand awareness and recognition;
  • Define your story visually; and
  • Demonstrate a sense of movement and action.

MiniMatters pays attention to the little things, including the ways logos can help to tell your story. For more ideas, see our other animated logo examples. If your logo could have more impact in motion, contact us for a free estimate for animation. We also do logo design.

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