A Nobel Laureate Science Fundraising Video demonstrates the importance of your program to potential sponsors.

MiniMatters created this Nobel Laureate Science Fundraising Video for the American Chemical Society, featuring Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and a “Champion” level donor to ACS Project SEED. In the video, he meets with Project SEED students and their lab mates and mentors involved with the program at Loyola University in Chicago. As students describe their experiments, he encourages this next generation of scientists to be energized and enjoy their work. He then champions the ACS Project SEED program, describing a similar lab opportunity he had as a young student. But Project SEED needs funders like ACS members to be able to continue and expand. Thus, he ends this ACS 50 Forward Campaign video with a call to make a donation to sustain Project SEED for the next 50 years!

If a video with a recognized leader in your field could help you reach your development goal, contact us to explore options. Check our other fundraising videos, too.

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